Ending climate change requires the end of capitalism

via Ending climate change requires the end of capitalism

“This is reality vs the vested interests of the powerful. Any meaningful policy has to upset the established power base and the political donor class. Any policy that doesn’t upset these people will be useless. . . . “

3 thoughts on “Ending climate change requires the end of capitalism

  1. The truth about this topic is so dismaying. We all know what you’re saying is true, but are hopeful that some how there will be geopolitical awakening to help the world realize that capitalism has a very dark side to it.

  2. Israel Folau, a multi-millionaire footballer is seeking funding to fight the sacking of him playing rugby because he broke his contract. He wants to keep his right to inflame hatred and insult Homosexuals, Lesbians and LBTGTG people by publicly announcing they will all go to hell if they don’t repent. Now there is an example how capitalism is going mad. Despite so many priests been found guilty of abusing children, they still have no qualms about giving this footballer plenty of money to continue his self-righteous nonsense and hatred. The intolerance of the church is astounding.

  3. In some ways, claiming “Ending climate change requires the end of capitalism” seems contradictory to what is claimed in your post “How millennials are driving the rise of conscious capitalism”. The basic causes of global warming are not attributable to any specific economic system. Rather they are attributable to basic greed and ignorance and, while perhaps not totally reversible, can be moderated through social action and education.

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