In Good Shape – Time management

This is a video about a program by ‘Deutsche Welle’ (DW). The introduction says:

“Coping with everyday life without being overwhelmed by stress – time management expert Jacob Drachenberg reveals how. Also: How healthy are probiotics?”

 Peter and I watched this program this morning and liked it very much. It shows how important it is to have some kind of balance in your life to keep in ‘Good Shape’.

“Jacob Drachenberg is a psychologist and one of the best-known stress management experts in Germany. In Good Shape talks to him about time management and tips in dealing with the pressure of deadlines.”


“Dr. Carsten Lekutat is a qualified General Practitioner and works as a doctor in Berlin. He is also responsible for training medical students at the Berlin Charité hospital.

DW FUG Fit und gesund Moderator Dr. Lekutat

Carsten Lekutat’s goal is to convey medical knowledge in a fun and interesting way. “There’s no real reason to hide behind technical terms,” he says. “Actually, a common problem for doctors is that their patients just don’t understand them. How can we expect our patients to develop a healthy lifestyle if they don’t understand what we tell them?”

Carsten Lekutat is married and lives with his wife, two daughters and the family dog, a dachshund mongrel, in Berlin.”

“In Good Shape is the weekly health show on DW, covering all aspects of health care: what’s new in medical treatment, alternative medicine, wellness and fitness – as well as nutrition and beauty. In our studio interview we discuss topics in-depth with specialists, and offer you opportunities to pose your own questions.

In Good Shape – tips and tools for a healthy lifestyle.

Get comprehensive information on symptoms, diagnosis and therapy options

*Alternative treatments
Find out how natural remedies can help you stay healthier

Find detailed information to help you maintain a healthy diet

Increase your fitness level with activities you enjoy

Learn how to manage stress with the best relaxation techniques

In Good Shape. Your weekly dose of TV wellness.


Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster and they say:

“We convey a comprehensive image of Germany, report events and developments, incorporate German and other perspectives in a journalistically independent manner. By doing so we promote understanding between cultures and peoples. We simultaneously also provide access to the German language. . . .”


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