“What do Hongkongers really need? Economic growth, employment opportunities and better housing, tasks the mainland has already accomplished. If they want a bright future Hong Kongers need to work together harder and bring their education standards up to the mainland’s. Their youth must develop a clear understanding of their true friends and real enemies.”
Something to think about!

The Most Revolutionary Act

An illuminating dispatch by our Far Eastern correspondent Godfree Roberts on the puzzling Hong Kong crisis, whose contradictions are cynically exploited by the Western media, all according to Washington’s plan. Have we seen this movie before? Yes, we have, in 2014, and in scores of other places victims of some “color revolution”, wherever America’s “soft power” is allowed to sink its devious claws.

Demonstrators breaking into Hong Kong’s Legislative Council Chambers


Under British rule,  Hong Kong’s public had no say in political appointment and the Governor, who was Commander in Chief of military forces, could do anything short of sentencing people to death. Wiretaps didn’t require warrants; when police denied demonstration permits the courts could only review their paperwork; the legislature was a rubber stamp and there was no political opposition. Under Communist “oppression”, the courts review police decisions for reasonableness, citizens elect their legislators, the…

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  1. My sentiments on Twitter..:
    On Phil’ Adams..talk of the Chinese gov’ threatening relatives of protestors in China…as if WE don’t torture and detain and threaten refugees HERE as a threat to those back in their countries of origin if they DARE to seek asylum!!..We’re not one to condemn…surely?

    1. Do we not have to stand up for our own interests? I bet there are lots of people who feel that for as long as we treat our own citizens well we are not to blame. So sad 😦

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