Greta Thunberg Testifies Before U.S. Congress

•Streamed live on Sep 19, 2019
GRETA IN CONGRESS: Teen climate activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg is speaking at a congressional hearing on ‘Voices Leading the Next Generation on the Global Climate Crisis.’ Thunberg will also appear at a press conference on the Supreme Court steps later today.


Watching a grown man say “don’t look at us! Look at China” is embarrassing.


john smith
It doesnt surprise me to see congress frustrated with congress. Get money out of politics. Get it out.


Mike Trebert
People who insist on putting the economy first will continue to ignore the fact that rapid climate change will destroy the economy as it presently exists.


63.5% of energy produced by the US is from fossil fuels. Stop blaming China.


Does it seem odd that a 16 year old girl who wants to save the planet would incur so much hatred from the troll armies coordinated to discredit her? What are they SO afraid of? And this is not casual trolling–as soon as her videos go up 1000 of the same people are attacking her with the same coordinated messages. What’s wrong, Trumptards and Putin Poodles? A little autistic girl triggers your overseers? What will you say when she wins the Nobel Peace prize, call it “fake news”? Your world is garbage, literally.

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How absolutely American to put blame on another country! We are ALL in this together!!!


Graves is like the older sibling that does something wrong and says he did it because his younger sibling was doing it too.


Unfortunately Mr. Graves, “dumping trash in the ocean” is not just a metaphor, and the leading contributor of ocean plastic is abandoned fishing gear


It doesnt matter who creates more. We need to all work to do it. Blaming eachother and saying how useless it is. Isnt a rational argument.


It’s not just fossil fuels though. It’s our obsession with beef.


Graves has no soul. Picking on children, what a big man. China is allowed to emit because American factories exist there, duh. China is just taking the money offered – bring the factories home and power them cleanly. But it’s harder to intimidate billionaire adults, isn’t it.


the fact that theyre asking them what it feels like to feel fear about the future shows how disconnected they are


I’m trying to figure out why these politicians are asking young people to come up with solutions – they’re under 22 & not in power; it’s not their job! Those youngsters should be focusing on being young, not faced with trying to convince grown ups to act h the anxiety of such a bleak & unsure future. Shame on the US for dragging their feet! Hopefully there will be serious changes in addressing the climate & ecological emergency this planet is already facing, which will only get worse.

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Greta is brave. It is very difficult to articulate in a foreign language and she did it brilliantly, with the eyes of the world watching.


While I totally disagree with the conservative kid’s (Mr. Backer) political views–––but i’m glad he’s there because conservatives need to come back to trusting verified peer–reviewed science.


Stupid question: “why is it important to listen to science”… I think Greta just couldn’t believe this question as coming her way! Obviously because science is the ONLY tool we have to know what’s happening!!


MS. Margolin is a well shaped politician to be. Unfortunately our world needs more people planting trees than people preaching to the choir.


Not only do we not have Time…we are lacking any actual Leadership here in the US


All those portraits of politicians on the walls should be removed (burned) and replaced with portraits of allegorical figures like Liberty and Lady Justice. Admiring narcissists and sociopaths who have held public office is a mistake that perpetuates obedience to illegitimate authority and the cult of personality.


Congress is asking these young people what to do? Do your job and make the changes we need to protect the planet!!!


2 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg Testifies Before U.S. Congress

  1. The resistance is perfectly natural in the western world we lead comfortable and pleasant lives . Turn on the central heating , run me a hot bath , see what’s in the fridge , put the bacon and sausage in pan I’ll have two eggs , don’t forget the buttered toast and marmalade. I’d better run the car so it’s nice and warm for my journey to work ; never mind I’ll be home at 5 o’clock and next week we met off to Spain to Sun ourselves on a hot sandy beach.
    Greta has attacked those values she tells us we must turn back the clock of progress and live with much less. She cannot be faulted since her life is frugal.
    Her message won’t disturb those who scavenge for food on the rubbish tips in the third world they are the true Hunter Gatherers.

  2. Flawedman, yes, Greta says, that we must live with much less and you say the western world resists this and this resistance is perfectly natural. Of course, you’re right, we want to continue leading ‘comfortable and pleasant lives’.

    In an article, that was published more than 8 months ago, Chris Martensen points out that the Collapse is Already Here and that enormous changes are coming. Recently I quoted Chris Martensen here:

    Chris Martenson says that enormous changes are coming, and he shows us how there are only two likely paths:

    “Nature is warning us loudly that it’s past time to change our ways. That our “endless growth” model is no longer valid. In fact, it’s now becoming an existential threat

    The collapse is underway. It’s just not being televised (yet).

    From here, there are only two likely paths:

    (1) We humans simply cannot self-organize to address these plights and carry on until the bitter end, when something catastrophic happens that collapses our natural support systems.

    (2) We see the light, gather our courage, and do what needs to be done. Consumption is widely and steeply curtailed, fossil fuel use is severely restrained, and living standards as measured by the amount of stuff flowing through our daily lives are dropped to sustainable levels.

    Either path means enormous changes are coming, probably for you and definitely for your children and grandchildren.”

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