The €ost of $aving Ourselves, Oct 26, 2018



As amazing as it seems, we seem to be a species that is unwilling to spend the money to save ourselves from extinction. Mind boggling realization. This is not just the rich, who are completely corrupted and dominated by Money. But even ordinary folks, who are unwilling to pay a bit more for their electricity or fuel to avoid the CO2 that is wreaking havoc with the climate system. What’s worse, money and the ideology it has bought, create trolls and deniers who are dead sure (emphasis on the ‘dead’ part) that these planetary changes are IN THEIR OPINION a hoax. In fact, the ‘hoax theory’ is the hoax. But Money is in control, and will have it’s way. Create more Money until the host (humanity) is gone. Sad way to end a beautiful species.

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