No Class

I started reading this article. I find it stimulates my thinking, very much so. “Risking the direction for needed change by allowing capital investments to chart the course is a very dangerous idea.”
This is just one of the sentences that I would like to think about a lot . . . .And so it goes on. I want to see whether reblogging this article by John Stepling is going to help me to continue with a bit more thinking! 🙂

The Most Revolutionary Act

By John Stepling

Class analysis is not conspiracy theory. Full stop. Class exists and is part of the hierarchical system of global capitalism. The so labeled *Climate Change* crisis — as it exists on the level of Green New Deal or Extinction Rebellion — has very little to do with protecting Nature. Global warming is a fact that humanity will have to adjust to and learn to live with. So much of the rhetoric and identifications that exist in the Greta narrative are driven by a subterranean belief in technology to fix any problem. Global warming can’t be fixed. And there are enormous difficulties for the entire global population, really. . . The incursion of technology into nearly every waking moment of the daily life of the Westerner has conditioned a populace, one that doesn’t read, to see the acceleration of everything as natural. . . And capitalism is not…

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