Economy vs. Ecology (Remastered)

This was Stuart Scott’s first video to go viral, recorded at COP-20 in Lima in 2014. It was the most viewed video on this channel until recently. It’s been copied in whole or part onto numerous other channels, collectively obtaining several hundred thousand views. The original visuals were a videos of a videos being displayed poorly in a darkened room. We are re-releasing it now, with improved visual quality, because we think it deserves all the attention it can possibly get. This is the one to watch (again for a refresher?) and share. It’s a rigorous indictment of our present economic system which, based on unlimited growth, will kill us in short order if we don’t act. We have increased our population and demands on the planet exponentially in the past century, since the current NeoClassical (growth) economic model was put in place (by Wall Street bankers) as the only thing being taught in business schools because it is the system that benefits bankers the most. The central, unique realization contained in this video (15:50) is that Money has become the ‘operating system’ of global civilization. Note the difference between ‘money’ – the stuff in your pocket, the means of negotiating trades and storing value for future use – and ‘Money’ – the obligatory system of law, custom, habit, which forces everyone from the poorest to the richest to obey certain rules all aimed at growing the human economic system within a finite planet of limited resources and even more limited ability to absorb our wastes. The confusion between money (benign) and Money (a malignancy) is one of the sources of our problem. Money is creating more and more money by using humanity (the host). As with conventional virus and cancer, the disease itself cannot see that it is killing its host, us. Money has captured our minds and our behaviors, and has infiltrated and shaped our institutions at every level of society. Money own us, not the other way around as we commonly believe. Our food systems have been optimized for Money (maximum profit), not for nutrition or health. Our medical system has been optimized for Money, not for health outcomes (the integrity of individuals in the system notwithstanding) but for maximum profit. It is more profitable for a person to remain sick and taking medicine than it is for them to be cured of the cause of their illness. Our supposed ‘news media’ is for the most part a matrix for delivering advertising. Wherever you look, Money has insinuated itself into civilization and masks the reality of our situation from us with distractions and synthetic realities so that ‘consumer confidence’ will remain high and we will keep buying cheap goods that are made to break and be replaced as quickly as possible. Until we see that our dysfunction (NeoClassical growth) economic system is killing us, and until we name it properly and not let it hide by having ‘owned’ the simple classification ‘economics’, we cannot see that there are viable alternatives that support life and not the simple goal of creating more money. We must change our economic system, and we must act fast, because there’s this threat of a sudden massive burst of methane from the arctic offshore looming over us, and threats of progressive crop failures already begun, and ramping up quickly. Our recommendation is #EcologicalEconomics, also sometimes known as Steady State Economics, espoused by Dr. Herman Daly and the International Society for Ecological Economics. Watch and share this video, as our survival depends on us understanding this basic, self-destructive principle by which our society is organized. We have to change this principle immediately, collectively.

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