This is a Reblog: Unbalanced Trump a crisis for US capitalism

“What may tend to happen is that the mounting campaign against the unstable and “unpatriotic” (in the sense that he’s more loyal to a foreign capitalist class than to his own class) president could swing the sentiment so massively against Trump and the Republicans that even voter suppression cannot overcome it. It’s also possible that the suppression and fraud could be the last straw in provoking a new mass movement.

For working class independence
This is what socialists should be agitating for and organizing – for a movement in the streets against Trump. This movement must be free from the control not only of the Democrats, but also of their representatives – the nonprofiteers and the union leadership. It should link up the repression and reactionary policies of Trump with the failure of the Democrats and the need for a mass working class party.

And if none of this happens, and Trump is able to bully and fraud his way back in, then look out America and look out world!”

Oakland Socialist

Like a spoiled six-year old having a temper tantrum, Trump is flailing about and out of control. How can they keep any semblance of stability, how maintain respect by foreign forces as well as by at least most workers at home for the top representative of US capitalism? How can they ensure that the right decisions are made? How can they keep the ship of state on course, headed in the right direction, if the captain is mentally incapacitated?

If they had reason to worry before Trump made his precipitous decision to allow Turkey to invade Northeast Syria, now they are doubly concerned.

Exhibit A is an article by George T. Conway III in The Atlantic magazine. A harsh critic of Trump, ironically George is the husband of Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway (that must be an interesting relationship!). However, he is also an important figure in his own…

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