A Short Summary of the three Books I read in Nov/Dec 2018

Last year I wrote about these three books on my ‘auntielive’ site.





I copy here some of my short summary about these three books. It helps me to have another look at what I wrote about these books, meaning it helps me a lot in memorising these books!

In each book there are some main characters that I feel very comfortable with. And of course there are some other characters that I would not feel very comfortable with but even the more ‘bad’ characters do have a few likable features. That means the characters feel quite real to me.

In each of the three books there are some male/female relationships that are great to read about. In each book there are some rather strong female characters. But even these very strong females do like a good man a lot! Despite a number of difficulties all these females end up with simply good men –  at least for a while.

The Winter Sea book by Di Morrissey is for the most part set into an environment that I am very familiar with, namely the South Coast of NSW, Australia.  It deals with a family history that encompasses nearly one hundred years and shows what happens to immigrants to Australia that come from different backgrounds, for instance Italian and Irish.

Greg Iles is a New York Times bestselling author. He wrote BLOOD MEMORY. Cat (Catherine) Ferry is a most interesting character. It shows what may happen to a person that has been abused as a child.

Well, the third book ‘THE GOOD DAUGHTER’ by Karin Slaughter, is a very well written book too. Two daughters are actually very main characters. To my mind they are both ‘good’ daughters even though they are totally different. Maybe one is more the good daughter of the father, the other one the good daughter of the mother. So which counts for more?

2 thoughts on “A Short Summary of the three Books I read in Nov/Dec 2018

  1. I love knowing what people are reading. It gives me some book titles to add to my To Read List and I just always enjoy book reviews. When I meet people, who I know or don’t know, I often ask, “So what is the last book you read? Tell me about it.” 🙂

    I just posted on my WP blog yesterday about a book I read, and about the movie based on the book. 🙂
    HUGS to you and Peter! 🙂

  2. I went to your very interesting WP blog, Carolyn. It made me think of another movie based on a book, and I found a very interesting analysis to this:

    Thanks for commenting and hugging us, dear Carolyn! 🙂

    Hugs from me and Peter 🙂

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