Steppe Change: How Mongolian Rock Conquers the World

I want to reblog this! So far I listened only to the last video

O Society

Combining ‘a blend of east and west,’ the Hu find their way to 45million YouTube views with a smash hit debut album

by Jim Farber edited by O Society October 24, 2019

The chant started long before the band took the stage.

“HU!! HU!! HU!!,” yelled the crowd, at escalating volume, for a full 20 minutes before the Hu kicked off their recent concert at the Brooklyn venue, Warsaw. The fans who packed the place, many of whom were decked out in de rigueur heavy metal gear of black T-shirts and leather, thrust their fists into the air in rhythm to their chants, which grew to a roar the moment the band appeared.

The imposing-looking members of the Hu sported leather too, only theirs bore the elaborate patterns and symbols of their homeland, Mongolia. And instead of singing in English, they sang exclusively in their native tongue, delivered in the…

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