Here’s How Much Worse Things Will Get If Capitalism Isn’t Overthrown

“. . . statements coming from last week’s report by the U.S. Army. These excerpts from the report state that:
Most of the critical infrastructures identified by the Department of Homeland Security are not built to withstand these altered conditions…The power grid that serves the United States is aging and continues to operate without a coordinated and significant infrastructure investment. Vulnerabilities exist to electricity-generating power plants, electric transmission infrastructure and distribution system components…”
Now, please do tell me what is it like in Australia?

The New Dark Age

30 October 2019 —  See you in 2020

A supermarket during the 2019 California blackout wave A supermarket during the 2019 California blackout wave

In his novel The Man in the High Castle, which depicts a Nazi-dominated world, Philip K. Dick describes a dynamic where the Reich, despite holding enormous power, makes itself progressively more volatile and reactive. At one point in the book, a character observes that “most high-placed Nazis are refusing to face facts vis-a-vis their economic plight. By doing so, they accelerate the tendency toward greater tour de force adventures, less predictability, less stability in general. The cycle of manic enthusiasm, then fear, then Partei solutions of a desperate type…all this tends to bring the most irresponsible and reckless aspirants to the top.”

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