UTA’S Diary November 2019

I cannot remember how long ago I published a diary post. I have to check! . . . .

Well, checking my posts, I found this now:


As you can see, it is a post about ‘cardless cash’.

This is part of a comment that a very good blogger friends wrote after I published my post about the ‘lost’ Visa card. Here is what she wrote. It shows so much understanding:

” All of this can be so frustrating! I’m so sorry you had to deal with this!
The world and how we “do” life has changed so much, even in just the past 10 years…all this on-line and machine-stuff makes me nervous. Especially related to finances. 😦
Oh, well. I guess we change and adapt to survive. 🙂”

Well, I guess, people always had to change and adapt to survive. This is nothing new. But the speed of the changes definitely has changed. I do very much agree that just in the past 10 years there have been enormous changes. I ask myself how people my age are supposed to cope with these changes. My feeling is that I am getting much too slow to adapt to all these changes in an adequate way. In every way I am on a very slow lane now. Fast lanes and ever faster lanes are not for me. I wish to be allowed to outlive my life on my beautiful slow lane. That way I can still enjoy my life, what is left of it that is.


3 thoughts on “UTA’S Diary November 2019

  1. I wrote in my post from the 24th of October: “. . . we found out, that this particular bank was not allowed to retrieve my card from that ATM for my card belonged to a different bank. I had to go to my bank and report my card lost and they would issue me a new card.”
    As it turns out I still am not in possesion of a new card because of a mix-up of the accounts. Peter and I each get our pensions on different accounts. So at the moment I do not have my own money. Peter supports me with the money from his pension. The bank offered to let me withdraw some of my money without a card. But I said this was not necessary. Peter does not mind helping me out. He is in a position to be able to do this for a bit longer! 🙂
    Maybe in about another week I’ll get my new card to my own account!! 🙂

  2. Yes, the speed in which changes occur now is dizzying. 😦
    I think about how my older siblings were born before my parent’ even had a television (they had a TV by the time I came along)…and technology has come a l-o-n-g way, and so quickly, from the invention of the television.

  3. Gaby was our first born one, Carolyn. She was born in 1957. Until 1967 we had neither a phone nor a TV. When we needed to make a phone call we went to a public phone booth. When we wanted to watch a certain TV program we went to see our friends who lived close by and this certain special program we then were watching together, that is we were four adults and four children, and when the program was finished, the TV was switchd off.
    We could not be reached by phone. Important messages were delivered to us by telegram!
    Hugs from Uta 🙂

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