The End of November 2019


Caroline and Matthew moved last weekend from a studio apartment to a two bedroom apartment next door. The removalist guys had to take everything down 30+ stairs and carry everything up next door some 53 stairs!
This is quite a lot of steps to carry every thing down and then up all these  stairs!

The rooster in the above picture remarkably made it to the balcony at the new place! Again, they do not have anything above where they live, so it is like a penthouse apartment!


Hungerwinter – Überleben nach dem Krieg

Survivors’ testimonies, archive footage and re-enacted scenes are combined to describe the effects of one of the coldest and hardest winters in German history, only shortly after the end of WWII.


Gordian Maugg


Alexander Häusser (screenplay), Gordian Maugg (screenplay)


MY INTENTION: Must see the above documentary! I, Uta, and Peter as well, we can remember all too well this harsh winter!

Now to the downloading of more pictures. I was at a loss this morning to find my picture folder. As always, Peter had to come to the rescue again. So we sorted it out now.

I think I’ll insert some of the pictures into another post!

3 thoughts on “The End of November 2019

  1. I remember the winter of 1947 in England, when snow drifts towered over me (I was 5). We heard about the situation in Germany and saw photos of starving children in the newspapers. If I was being fussy about food (and we didn’t have much, either!) I was told “The little children in Germany would be glad to have that!” Later, when I was living in Germany in the ‘sixties, I heard dreadful stories from my older inlays and friends about “die schlechte Zeit”.

  2. We had no heating, Cat. Sometimes we had to stay in bed to keep warm. There was no school because it was too cold. I was fussy about food too. Grandmother would remind me, that there were other starving children in this world, and that I should be happy, that I had something to eat.

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