1st and 2nd of Dec. about Writing and being inspired by Greta Thunberg


What do I want?

What do I really want?

I want to enjoy person to person contact.

In my writing I want to speak to people, meaning it would be good if people felt spoken to when reading something I have written. I like it, when people respond to something that I have written.

I want to be aware that it is very important to listen to people and to respond in some way.



The following is a writing challenge from Robin aka Patchworkmomma:

December Writing Challenge/ Prompts:

  1. Choose one word which you would like to embody during 2020 as a sort of theme for the year. How would you like to see this word manifest in your life?

My answer:  I would like ‘writing‘ to be a great part of the rest of my life, meaning, since I am already 85, I honestly cannot expect to live all that much longer. This makes every day, that I am still alive, extra special. Accordingly, my aim is,  to make really good use of every extra day! How can I make good use of the time that is still given to me? For instance, I can continue to enjoy meeting family and friends as often as possible. Also, I can try connecting with my blogger friends as often as possible. I hope, that during the month of December I may be able to somewhat succeed in all of this. I hope, doing a bit of meditating every day may help me to get ready for this challenge.

Maybe, writing and meeting family and friends could also be sort of a theme for me for the following year, 2020!

And here is another Writing Challenge:

2. Who inspired you in 2019? Why? What gifts did they give you? How will you carry these forward in 2020?

Greta Thunberg inspired me in 2019! Listening to her speeches I became more and more aware that we are in a crisis and that too many people still try to ignore how extreme climate change is going to change all our lives.

What I could do for 2020 is to try more and more to live a more simpler life and to avoid excessive consumption!

4 thoughts on “1st and 2nd of Dec. about Writing and being inspired by Greta Thunberg

  1. I love that you’ve said you’d like to speak to others through your writing, and that you also value listening. (I almost chose “listen” as my word for 2020 because I’d like to get better at it). Writing and spending time with loved ones seems a beautiful theme for the coming year. Thank you for reminding us that connecting with others is what truly makes life meaningful.

    Also, Greta has been an inspiration for me too! I’d like to live more simply as well.

  2. Yes, Robin, connecting with others, this is what life is all about.
    As far as Greta is concerned, I think she has been an inspiration for many people, but still not enough want to make changes where it counts. And sadly, some people cannot help themselves, they have to try to lessen her influence by tearing her down because they resist making changes to their lives. A lot of politicians and investors do not like her influence, right?

  3. Excellent you are concerned about the things that matter and show a determination to move and think only in the world of those things. We all need to follow that example and Greta has that message , I only hope she does not forget herself she deserves some freedom.

    1. Our politicians insist that economic growth is needed. They think, if the economy does not grow, there is something wrong. They want people to consume more and more. Where is that going to end?
      But Greta is a good erxample about what all of us should be doing or avoid doing!

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