Before Midnight

3 thoughts on “Before Midnight

    1. This is actually a trilogy of movies, Carolyn. Peter and I watched all three movies a few years ago. We recently watched all these movies again. Very good thoughtful movies. A lot of very interesting conversation! 🙂

      Here you can find what these movies are about:

      The Before Trilogy – Love Over Time


      “In 1995, Richard Linklater first introduced us to Jesse and Celine in ‘Before Sunrise’, kickstarting a trilogy of films – also including ‘Before Sunset’ and ‘Before Midnight’.

      Through these films Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy offer one of cinema’s most authentic portrayals of love: the good , the bad and the ugly.

      ‘The Before Trilogy – Love Over Time’ is a non-profit project intended for entertainment purposes only. No copyright laws were intended to be broken. All rights to any material used remain courtesy of their respective owners.”

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