Starting a bit of Diary for February 2015


I have recently neglected to write any kind of diary writing or any kind of writing for that matter. What kept me occupied was scanning through quite a few blogs by bloggers I subscribe too. Some of the blogs stirred something in me that I felt I very much liked to reblog. I think sometimes I commented a bit when I reblogged something. All the reblogs I found very much worth noticing in one way or another.

Some of the said reblogs had to do with the Ukrainian crisis. Everything that goes on in connection with this crisis alarms me. Nobody seems to be on top of the crisis. How easily a situation like this can lead to war. This frightens me, it frightens me very much!

Then there are the frightening changes our government here in Australia plans for us. Peter is the secretary of our body cooperative. He…

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One thought on “Starting a bit of Diary for February 2015

  1. Hi auntyuta good to pop over to say and hope you are keeping well. I have a lot to catch up on.
    Times are worrying indeed Uta.
    Take Care continue enjoying life
    Much love

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