2020 is hot, and it’s going to get much hotter

Please, have a look at this Green New Deal:


The New Dark Age

24 January 2020 — Climate & Capitalism

Climate crisis

Emissions are rising. Each decade is warmer than the last. The oceans are heating up. Australia is burning. And that’s just January.

by Tim Radford, Climate News Network

(London: January 24, 2020) The year is less than four weeks old, but scientists already know that carbon dioxide emissions will continue to head upwards – as they have every year since measurements began – leading to a continuation of the Earth’s rising heat. And they warn that the rise will be steeper than usual, partly because of the devastating bush fires in Australia.

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2 thoughts on “2020 is hot, and it’s going to get much hotter

  1. Are you and yours close to the inferno that seems to be overtaking Australia? I just saw on the news the other day that three Americans-fighting the fires- have lost their lives in a plane crash.

  2. So tragic this plane crash and three Americans losing their lives fighting fires here in Australia. These wildfires are spread over huge areas. Lots of holiday places that we are very familiar with, have been effected. So far we and people close to us have been effected by a lot of smoke, but the actual fires have been quite some distance away from us.

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