Using less power, eating less meat, avoid flying, reduce water consumption

Professor Palutikof says, people have to be prepared ‘for the changes that they are going to have to make’, meaning for instance using less power, eating less meat, avoid flying, reduce water consumption.

ABC News Breakfast By Madeleine Morris:

“We would need 3.4 Earths if everyone had my lifestyle. . . .”

“I always thought I was environmentally responsible. But when I calculated my family’s carbon emissions I was shocked by the result,” writes Madeleine Morris.

In this article by Madeleine Morris it says that the average Australian footprint is 15.37 tonnes of CO2 and vastly above the EU average of 6.4 tonnes.

It also says that Jean Palutikof from the Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility says about the impacts of climate change that we need to do to reduce them while we still can.

“People are going to have to change their way of life,” she said.

“There is this rhetoric about the Government taking action, but actually what that means is that people will themselves have to take action.”

Madeleine Morris is News Breakfast’s finance presenter. Previously she was a Melbourne-based reporter for 7.30, and worked for the BBC in London for 11 years as an international reporter and presenter.
Madeleine Morris says: “I calculated my carbon footprint and now my family will try to cut our emissions by 7.6 per cent”

2 thoughts on “Using less power, eating less meat, avoid flying, reduce water consumption

  1. I’m not sure I agree with this. Eating less meat and flying less isn’t going to prevent catastrophic climate change. The main change that needs to happen is to move people out of private vehicles and onto public transport and to change all electricity generation from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Neither can be done without government. support.

    1. Now, I wished, that our government would get rid of subsidies for fossil fuels and subsidise public transport a bit more! I would think the aviation industry could eventually change from fossil fuel to renewable energy. And I am sure electricity generation soon won’t depend on fossil fuel anymore, even if government wants still to support fossil fuel!
      I think individuals in first world countries could help in some way by cutting back on quite a few things. If people are not going to consume all that much anymore and if we learn to recycle most things, the industry needs to change accordingly.

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