Dear Lacey… Life Is More About Perspective Than About Circumstance

It is good to read all this! Thank you for posting. I reblog this so maybe some of my followers may want to have a look at it.

The Good Names Are Gone

A guy gets into a car crash, steps out and starts raging about how his day couldn’t get any worse. The guy in the other car responds to the situation by counting his blessings and appreciating the fact that no one got hurt.

Same circumstance, two different perspectives.

It’s often easier to be guy number one, he’s a “glass-half-empty” type of character,, the sort to consistently wallow in their own pity party, thinks complaining is a personality trait and has no other interesting conversation topic other than moaning about anything and everything.

He’s more than a Debbie-downer, he’s a soul draining nob and we’ve all had the misfortune of keeping one of them around longer than we should have.

Don’t be like guy number one.

Guy number two is generally quite happy, he knows how to find the silver lining to every rain cloud that pisses on his parade. He’s…

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