Paul Kelly – Sleep Australia Sleep

3 thoughts on “Paul Kelly – Sleep Australia Sleep

  1. I have tried all possibilities, but somehow I can’t get hear this, what a pity. I’ll try later from another browser. (And I just changed from Safari to Goodle Chrome because it apparently works better with WordPress …)
    Are you suffering from acid rain too?

  2. I hope, Dina, you’re going to find a way to hear it later on. Were you able to see the pictures?
    To your question about acid rain: It looks like it is not much of a problem in Australia. A great problem however are bushfire smokes!!

    I looked up this page:

    “. . . In Sydney, representative of non-tropical urban, local emissions of acid gases, particularly sulphate and nitrate, resulted in an average pH of 4.4. At several non-tropical rural locations, pHs average between 5.0 and 5.7, indicative of global background levels. Tropical rural pHs average about 4.5, due mainly to natural acidity caused by vegetation release of volatile organic acids. These values indicate that rainwater in this region contains from 2 to 12 times less acidity than in the northern hemisphere where acid rain is a problem. Rainwater chemistry is dominated by ocean influences along the coast and soil and vegetation influences inland. Elevated levels of sulphate and nitrate in rainfall of the Latrobe Valley and the Hunter Valley may be due to power station and industrial sources located there, but do not prove to be a problem.”

    Bushfires finally out, low lying areas flooded:

    1. This is a brilliant post about last Monday’s Q & A:

      This is one comment to this post:

      “Brilliant, Rosemary, is the word. Everyone was so switched on, clear and articulate in their views. The ideas are out there and acting on them without waiting for Morrisson and his cronies to catch up.

      And Paul Kelly‚Äôs song! Brilliant and true. Tears in the eyes.”

      You can watch it here:

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