My Second Mother

Nelson writes beautifully. I love this story about his ‘Second Mother’. This is why I reblog it here:

A Dose A Day

Yes, I have a second mother. And no, she is not a stepmother.


I got to know her first as my English 1 teacher on my first year in college. Professor Jovita H. Orara was a very strict teacher. She was like a visiting professor from UP then. My classmates feared her because she would use her UP style of teaching in her classes. But later on, we found her very friendly especially outside the classroom. She was like everybody’s grandma.


After the first semester, she was appointed Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. During that time, there was no CAS existing in our school, and that meant that she needed to start her office from scratch.


That time, my parents have told me that our finances cannot support my nursing studies anymore because of the expensive tuition fees in our school. I was told…

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