One Lonely Shopper in a Deserted City

“Eerily quiet” – This is what we see in a lot of places

Creations of a Patchwork Momma

It might seem a strange time to replace my car, since travel restrictions may soon be in place as Ireland prepares for a potential lockdown, but my car has been in the garage for several months, and I need another seven seater. My mechanic made clear that it’s more expensive to fix my old car than buy a secondhand one. Yesterday I bought the exact same model- a Picassa C4- (though much cleaner!) so I’ll have spare parts.

With that problem solved, we went to lunch. The restaurant we went to had everyone spaced well a part and the room was well ventilated. There was almost a sense of normality. The family next to us had two kids and the parents made friendly small talk with us. No one mentioned the C word.

Knowing it might be our last trip to the city for quite a while, I decided to…

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