Missive from Andalusia II

Bryan Hemming

You wake up in the middle of a nightmare and realise you’re living in one. Suddenly, you’re part of the crisis that’s been playing out on TV and social media for the past few months. Up to that point, you’ve almost been viewing it as little more than a disaster movie. However real the anxiety and concern you experienced, you were still just a member of the audience. Without anyone asking, now you’re a reluctant bit player in a film noir production that’s bound to end badly. One of those anonymous grey extras you’ve been watching on the news bulletins each morning, hurrying across a deserted town square in desperate search of a mask, or the last toilet roll, as a flap of grey pigeons launch into the sky. When did my memory morph into monochrome? You’re wondering if you’ll be in the last reel. You want to be one…

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