Getting through the Tunnel.

You say: “I am working on my allotment plot and walking in nature…”
This is beautiful! 🙂

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

How we get through this is up to each of us.. I just want to share a couple of things with you which others have shared with me…  My thanks go to Wendy Gillissen  a fellow blogger from The Company of Spirits, who shared this Link  with me, on The Virus of Fear.. From  Jonette Crowley  Centre For Creative Consciousness. 

I think many of you who are aware  know we are much more than we are led to believe we are…  So You may find her post  on the subject on the collective experience from her channelled source  very interesting.. 

While we are all having to be sensible right now, and while avoiding crowds and people, I am working on my allotment plot and walking in nature… Mother Earth, the Sun when it shines, is our healing, grounding energy.  I take deep breaths,…  and I am meditating, along with Qi-Gong…

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