New Zealand Economist Calls for Reserve Bank Helicopter Money

The Most Revolutionary Act

Bernard Hickey recommends using Social Credit economic policy

by Chris Leach, Social Credit Party

In May last year Treasury suggested the government and the Reserve Bank might have to consider ‘unconventional tools’ like Quantitative Easing and helicopter money, both of which are similar to Social Credit economic ideas.

The Reserve Bank this week announced that it was preparing to undertake QE, and today on National Radio, economic commentator and Newsroom Pro editor Bernard Hickey claimed the government needed to introduce a modified version of helicopter money – using the Reserve Bank to fund a Universal Basic Income, similar to National Superannuation, for all citizens.

Social Credit terms its concept a national dividend – under normal circumstances a payment to every citizen to replace income lost by the advancement of computerised workplaces and artificial intelligence (driverless taxis, robots as carers, automated factories).

Under today’s extreme circumstances it could be used, as…

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