Finding your Joy

This looks really joyful to me!

My Messy Little Brain

Today is day one. Everyday is day one. Today I invite you to start making time for joy and happiness for yourself. You are the only person responsible for your happiness. It is only you who can hear your thoughts, and it is only you who can change them – and yes you can change them, zero magic required.

Anyone who knows me will agree that for the most part I am busy. Things got to the point of overwhelm because I was rushing from one thing to the next and then the next. Don’t misunderstand me, the very vast majority of what I have been rushing too or from were things that bring me enormous joy, training with my friends, practising yoga, teaching yoga, Jutitsu, coffee with friends, work, dinners with the ones I love, life admin (shopping, cooking, cleaning) etc etc.

Gaby Burnstein (who’s thoughts I love) talk…

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