On Friday private hospitals stood down 600 hard-working nurses.

✍️ SIGN: Secure our hospitals and our health workers – public health belongs in public hands!

On Friday private hospitals stood down 600 hard-working nurses.

On Saturday they threatened widespread hospital closures, and 100,000 further job losses – unless the government hands them a cash bailout.2

If the private health industry can’t guarantee public healthcare, and secure jobs for their staff – they need to be immediately nationalised. We need every health worker to be deployed as part of a nationally coordinated fight against coronavirus.

Last week hundreds of thousands of GetUp members signed petitions, emailed their MP’s or picked up the phones – and it’s working.

The government has doubled Newstart3, made it easier to access payments,4 and suspended rental evictions for six months.5

But with private health lobbyists descending on Canberra to argue for bailouts, we need to dial up the pressure right nowThis isn’t a time for public cash grabs, it’s a time for public ownership.

✍️ SIGN: Secure our hospitals and our health workers – public health belongs in public hands!

Around the world, countries like Spain and Ireland have already made the decision to nationalise their private hospitals.6,7

It’s an essential step for a nationally coordinated health response. Governments can ensure that our nurses and doctors are securely employed, while prioritising healthcare delivery for those who need it most.

If private corporations won’t guarantee the healthcare we need, we must immediately nationalise private health assets to keep people alive. We can’t let our healthcare system be taken hostage by lobbyists when we need it most.

Tell Scott Morrison: Stand up to extortion – don’t bail out private hospitals, nationalise them!

Uta, our immediate priorities are twofold: making sure that people get the healthcare they need to survive, while securing the homes, incomes and jobs they need to live with dignity.

We must not allow healthcare workers’ jobs to be used as bargaining chips for the private health lobby.

With the CEO’s of private hospitals taking closed door meetings with Scott Morrison – we need to stand together if our voices are going to be heard today.

Join the campaign for a healthcare system that puts people above profits!

In solidarity,

Ed, Tessa, Rafi, Charlie, Oliver – on behalf of the GetUp team.

[1] “Australian hospitals to shut, 100,000 staff under threat”, The Chronicle, 28 March 2020
[2] “Private Hospitals have warned the Prime Minister and Premiers have just 24 hours to help them stay open”, 7 News Sydney, 29 March 2020
[3] “Australian jobseekers to get $550 payment increase as part of huge coronavirus welfare package”, The Guardian, 22 March 2020
[4] “Government did not plan to inform jobseekers their welfare appointments were suspended”, The Guardian, 25 March 2020
[5] “Commercial and residential rental assistance set to be part of third coronavirus stimulus package”, 7 News, 27 March 2020
[6] “Spain has nationalized all of its private hospitals as the country goes into coronavirus lockdown”, Business Insider Australia, 17 March 2020
[7] “Private hospitals will be made public for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak”, IMAGE, 25 March 2020

3 thoughts on “On Friday private hospitals stood down 600 hard-working nurses.

  1. I think it would be great to see Australia renationalize its health system. It has been way too difficult for low income Aussies to access good health care in a timely way.

      1. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-31/coronavirus-fears-on-australia27s-biggest-warship/12104724

        I just noticed this:

        “Sailors preparing for a month-long voyage on board the Navy’s largest warship say they’re worried about the threat of a coronavirus outbreak at sea.

        Key points:
        The Defence Department says it is closely following health guidelines and the training is “essential”
        If any sailor tests positive for COVID-19 they will be isolated
        One officer said he feared the mission could turn into months at sea and that “Defence just make their own rules”
        HMAS Adelaide is scheduled to depart Sydney’s Garden Island Naval Base today for what Defence has described as “essential training”.

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