Thank You Healthcare Workers


More than ever before, people are searching how to help doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers. They’re working around the clock to help us, stay home to help them. #StayHomeSaveLives


6 thoughts on “Thank You Healthcare Workers

  1. There’s a common human disease characterized by “taking blessings for granted.” I struggle to come up with a cute little name for it, using the suffix osis. We depend on human-made infrastructure daily to ease what otherwise would be unbearable burdens (paved roads, lines carrying electricity and so forth). Similarly, there are countless layers and configurations of human infrastructure that support us daily (doctors, nurses, garbage collectors, mail carriers, etc.) Unfailingly, it takes devastating tragedy for us to recognize how life would be if these people, these servants to humanity weren’t around. Thanks to all who serve our needs.

    1. You’re right, we should not take all these blessings for granted!
      Thanks for commenting, o and b! 🙂
      And thanks to all who serve our needs. 🙂

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