Easter Sunday 2020 – Uta’s Diary

Easter 2020. The Coronavirus is all over the world. Self isolation applies to most people that are not working, especially the elderly people. This is an Easter in self isolation for Peter and myself.

On Easter Saturday we went to ALDI. They had plenty of Easter eggs left. We bought a few things for decoration. I wanted our breakfast table on Easter Sunday to look a bit like Easter, take a few pictures and publish them.

So today I did download these pictures that I took a couple of days ago on Easter  Sunday. I found a candle to light and I found a flower in our backyard to decorate the table with. Peter and I we each had two soft boiled eggs for breakfast. We also had Filter Coffee. And some honey with our bread.

We also had a good lunch with beef patties and vegetables. For desert Peter preferred sitting in his easy chair at the small table. The easy chair keeps his back pain in check! The desert included some fresh raspberries. There was also red wine.

We still had some Christmas stollen in the freezer and had it defrosted for Easter. So we liked a slice of the stollen with some afternoon tea on Easter Sunday. It was really quite yummy cake!





This bag with the little Easter eggs found its way to the frontyard of a neighbouring place where two little girls live!


Maybe tomorrow, Wednesday, Monika can stop at our place for a little while on her way home from work. So I might have a chance to give her the above eggs. I hope she likes these! These little Easter bunnies I want to keep for when hopefully the great-grandkids can come and visit again!


It has been many weeks now since we could see any of our great-grandchildren!

They are not allowed near us because of the Coronavirus! Social distancing has to be adhered to. We do have to stick to this. So any Easter egg hunting is out of the question this year for kids that do not live in our neighbourhood!

Last year we saw Carter, Alexander and Lucas in Unanderra a few days before Easter:



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