How Will Life Change After COVID-19 / Episode 16 – The Medical Futurist

Life will never be the same after COVID-19. Even after the billions of people under lockdown will be able to resume their life, we will not be able to travel that freely or enjoy the supply chains of the world so easily. Sustainability, solidarity, and healthcare will finally take center stage. There will be changes at every level of our lives. Maybe we should forget about handshakes forever. Maybe we will see people wearing masks everywhere. And we will unintentionally keep our distance and be more cautious around our elderly. New habits will arise from properly washing hands to better overall hygiene and to entirely new travel habits. In this video, I talk about exciting topics such as: – the concept of immunity passport and new ways of traveling – whether online meetings, classes, and remote work will become the new default – how artificial intelligence will take a larger role in healthcare – the importance of portable, point-of-care devices – the future of the doctor-patient relationship … and various other things. Check them out, and share your opinion about these in a comment! Read our magazine for more about digital health and the future of medicine: Join our Patreon community to get access to exclusive content and meet like-minded medical futurists:… #DigitalHealth #COVID19 #Coronavirus

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