Pandemic: Dr. Peter Wadhams – The Meaning of Exponential Growth


Stuart Scott
I’ll comment personally and pin this to the top. We’ve had just a few people commenting that this material makes us less credible, and an equal number saying it makes us more credible. Go figure! As my dad used to say, “That’s what makes ball games.” One person from the ‘less credible’ side who asked why, if this is so urgent, did it take almost a week to publish only 2 of the 3 parts (with the third due out soon). It’s because the Scientists Warning initiative is all volunteer, and we don’t have a video editor with the complete set of skills to publish these. It falls to me, as it has for years, to do a large part of the publishing. To that person I say, get off your duff and help… stop being a critical lurker. That being said, we VERY MUCH need help from our audience to get involved at this moment in time to assist us in the concerted ‘wake up call’, and the opportunity this pandemic presents to re-invent society in a manner that might give us and all of life a fighting chance of surviving the onslaught of the brain-dead ‘growth economics’ system that is eating us all alive for the sake of creation of wealth for the most stupid, delusional and self-aggrandizing among us, the politicians and the wealthy elites. – Stuart

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