Uta’s Diary

I found the above video in my drafts.

I looked at my drafts this morning. My goodness, there are 133 saved drafts! Do I really need to save them all? I don’t think so. So it is about time that I go through them all, sort them out, maybe publish some and discard the rest. I hope, I’ll be able to make time for it!

So here is another video that I saved in my drafts:

I really would like watching both of these videos again. Right now they are in this new diary post and I am not going to leave them in draft this time, but I am going to publish them.

I hope, after breakfast I’ll find time to go through some more drafts. Publish some and discard others.

Today is Tuesday, the 19th of May 2020. The time now is half past seven, time for breakfast!

I just found out that this diary post had ended in trash. Luckily I could get it restored and then I published it at three in the afternoon. Maybe I can try now to write another post. Please, wish me a bit of luck!

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