Uta’s Diary

Today I want to write about the life of an old age couple and who does the cleaning.

I turned 85 last September and Peter turned 85 a few days ago. Peter has multiple health problems. However the good thing is that so far he can still live at home. To me it seems like an enormous blessing that Peter and I can both live together at home. We enjoy every minute of it for we know that sooner or later all this is going to change; so we might just as well make the most of it while it lasts.

So, who does the cleaning? I would like to think, that we share it. With the sharing this works now only some of the time. Our strength is rather limited. So we cannot be too particular about certain cleaning jobs that should be done.

Some of our children sometimes act as though we do not have enough money to spend on ourselves. But so far this has not been the problem, not at all. On the contrary, we still have some savings and are usually able to save a bit more money on a weekly or monthly basis. Despite quite a bit of spending for medical items and consultations with specialists (General Practitioner consultations are mostly without any charge!), we feel medical expenses do not send us broke. Ambulance and hospital stays are for free! So, just how lucky are we? For some people in other countries this must seem like Australia is a dream country. I must say, we know we are extremely lucky.

And I must say, we are extremely lucky that we can still look after ourselves at home. With advancing age there are of course more and more dfifficulties in doing this. I for instance have advanced recently to using a ‘walker’. This light frame with wheels is extremely useful for when I feel very weak and rather than just using my walking stick to support me, I have this walker which makes it easier to move along! I believe my daughters think I have never done a lot of cleaning but now with advanced age it really is getting more and more difficult. Still, with Peter usually being able to do rather more than his share, we have sort of managed so far. Of course we could pay for some subsidised help. But this kind of help is very difficult to get in our area, unless it is an emergency. Anyhow, we have been put on a waiting list for subsidised help. We feel we are not in a position to pay for a lot of hourly help the way hourly work is paid for in Australia. That goes too for the rates that we would have to pay for gardening. So our backyard, where a lot of gardening should be done, gets extremely neglected!

Since we cannot pay for a lot of outside help, we should really be living in a somewhat more suitable place for old age pensioners. There are lots of reasons why it is rather difficult to move to a place like this unless it is an aged care home. And we would rather like to stay away from aged care homes. Even the very expensive ones tend to have staff shortages, and we could not afford a very expensive one anyway.

Both Peter’s father as well as my father did not live to a very old age. So age care was not an issue. Both our mothers though did live into their eighties. How were they cared for? Well, my mother paid her granddaughter to come in on a regular basis and do some work for her, and Peter’s mother paid one of her daughters to do some work for her. Both mothers lived in a very small apartment when they were at an advanced age.


7 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary

  1. Ah..growing old has its mercies..but also its regrets…would that one could drink from Ponce de León’s fountain of youth..I’m sure I would not let so many chances slip by…

    If only..:
    Would my wit be a sage much wiser.
    Would my courage be somewhat bolder.
    Would that time could take me back yonder,
    To de León’s youthful fountain mythical . . .
    There in a blush of delight so typical,
    Would I and thee..as Adam and Eve,
    As those children in the garden of Ede’,
    Brighten our eyes to that first sight,
    Of a new dawn rising over the mountain’s height.
    If only. . .

      1. Non je ne regrette rien
        Édith Piaf
        Non… rien de rien
        Non je ne regrette rien
        Ni le bien… qu’on m’a fait
        Ni le mal, tout ça m’est bien égale…
        Non… rien de rien
        Non… je ne regrette rien
        C’est payé, balayé, oublié
        Je me fous de passé…
        Avec mes souvenirs
        J’ai allumé le feu
        Mes chagrins, mes plaisirs
        Je n’ai plus besoin d’eux
        Balayées les amours
        Avec leurs trémolos
        Balayés pour toujours
        Je repars à zéro
        Non… rien de rien
        Non… je ne regrette…

        Source: Musixmatc

  2. An important topic. I wish things were easier financially, and for good care, for the seniors in our world. They are so important to the world, I wish others would understand this and help them when they need help.

    My Dad lived to 82 and died of cancer. My Mom lived to 97 and died of old age. (That’s what the doctor said…old age, as she was very healthy for her age. I think she was tired of her body wearing out and she decided to go on into eternity. 🙂 )

    They had 8 children (3 died before my Mom died) and us kids did our best to help and take care of Mom and Dad, always, but especially in their latter years.

    My VERY best to you and Peter! I want you to be well and happy. I’m so glad you are still together, at home, and can help each other. I wish you continued love and joy!
    ❤ and (((HUGS)))

  3. Thank you so much, dear Carolyn, for this great comment of yours. You say, she was tired of her body wearing out and she decided to go on into eternity. Maybe it is totally natural to feel this way when you are 97. I believe my mum already felt this way in her early eighties. Peter said this morning, that he knows now, what old age feels like. And I said, that I know it too! 🙂
    I reckon it is a fact that our bodies cannot become young again. Age related pain is there nearly all the time whetther we want it or not. However, we both know, how much of a blessing it is, when you still can communicate with others, and when you can still achieve some kind of independence, being able to help your partner in some kind of way, and enjoying music and good conversation and some reading! 🙂
    Thanks for your good wishes and hugs, dear Carolyn! 🙂
    Best wishes and HUGS to you too from both of us! 🙂

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