Another Sunday Diary

Four weeks ago was Peter’s 85th birthday. I wrote about it here:

In that post three weeks ago I was also contemplating about what it is like for Peter and me to stay in our home and managing to do everything by ourselves. I thought about it that staying at home there are still many things we can enjoy if only we can make the time for it: Sitting in the sun. reading, writing, playing games, watching TV,  going out for a meal or catch up with family! We also love just listening to music. So far, Peter is still able to drive a car. To go to places in our own car is a good thing because of the Coronavirus. Before the epidemy we always liked to use public transport when at all possible. We still try social distancing!


We also want to (or have to!) stay active as much as possible. But somehow we are always running out of time! I ask myself, why is this so? . . . .

These are the things we try to do: Looking after personal hygiene, walking in the open air, shopping for essentials, doing the most necessary housework and gardening. But it usually does not take long and we are so exhausted that we urgently need to rest for a while! This means each day we can do only a very limited amount of work. Each and every day we have to cut back on something that we would have liked to have done. If we decide to do something that we had been neglected to do for very long, something else that might be just as important, cannot be done by us on that day. We feel, that every day we have a bit less time. How is that possible? The question is, what is really most important to us that we still want to be able to do?

Another thing is medical appointments:

At times medical appointments do keep us very busy too!

I should have called this post RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

6 thoughts on “Another Sunday Diary

  1. Well, Uta..I find that , like today, the weather can influence outside activities…although younger than yourselves, I still flinch at attending to things outside when the weather is too rough (in Winter) or hot (in Summer)..and then retreat to sit idle rather than get busy on another project…and THAT is when the time is lost…but no matter, does the tree make itself busy gathering sunshine?..or the oyster on rock forrage for its food?….I say that age should tolerate and allow a degree of idle contemplation….indeed, I feel myself some what fortunate that I have suffered for many years from a terminal complaint of “Lateral Spine” that has kept me couch-locked for many a day!

  2. I say, Joe, with advancing age and severe reduction in energy, our habits tend to change quite a lot. Well, the main thing is, that we can still get some joy out of life for the remaining time that is left to us. “Lateral Spine”, what an awfullly painful complaint. I hope being couch-locked helps to overcome the worst pain.
    Peter suffers from bladder cancer and now has the beginning of cancer in his spine. He does get some nasty back pain off and on. When the pain starts, he has to rest for a while in his easy chair or lie down for a while. Then the pain soon goes away. So far he does not need any strong painkillers. Osteoarthritis in his knee bothers him a lot. For that he likes to take osteo penadol. He tries to go every day for a ten minute walk at a speed that is as fast as he can still manage. He misses, not being able to run anymore. Both Peter and I suffer from breathing difficulties. This is, why a lot of work is out of the question. Our breathing becomes too laboured. Deep breathing exercises, contemplation and yoga, this is what helps! 🙂
    All year round I like the outside for as long as I can sit or walk in the sun and there is not a very strong wind and for as long as it is not too wet or the air full of smoke!
    Now in winter I can enjoy most days. Last summer it was often so cloudy that there was hardly any sun all day. And on a lot of days there was very smoky air from all these bushfires. On smoky days I hardly ever liked to venture outside. I think it is awful when one cannot breathe any fresh air.

  3. Thanks for today’s inspiration. Time is valuable . Time matters. Time though short is enough if we choose the ones that are truly important. We the pandemic our hearts are opened up to things we took for granted. Stay safe and have a great Summer 🙏

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