Outbreak Onboard: How fear and disease spread on the Ruby Princess | Four Corners

The Ruby Princess cruise ship is the single largest source of COVID-19 infections in Australia. Owned by the world’s largest cruise company, Carnival Corporation, the Ruby Princess was one of a fleet of cruise ships operating as the pandemic gathered speed. The company was well aware of the risks. Only five weeks earlier its sister ship, the Diamond Princess, created world headlines when its passengers were trapped on board as the virus spread. On March 19, thousands of its passengers disembarked from the Ruby Princess in Sydney before dispersing around the country and overseas. Far from protecting people, the release of its passengers triggered a public health emergency. Four Corners investigates how the Ruby Princess became an incubator for infection, leaving its passengers and staff dangerously exposed. We also examine the actions of Australian authorities who allowed the ship to dock and the passengers to disembark, taking the virus with them. Read more: https://ab.co/2Xql3Q6 _________ 

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