Learning to Draw # 2 – Fuchsias

Great instructions for drawing! 🙂

Dartmoor Creative - Bekki Hill

Yesterday’s post was about my first foray into learning to draw, which happened on Wednesday last week. One of the rules I planted firmly in my mind as I started was Draw every day.

Of course life isn’t very good at opening up an hour or so each day to sketch. The next day was going to be full on, so the only chance I had to sketch was when I first got up. As I walked Harry around the garden in my PJs contemplating what to draw, my eye fell on  our fuchsia bushes…

20191002_174640 They’re a bit scratty and skinny this time of year, but the flowers are still perfect

I was fascinated as a child by these beautiful flowers, that looked to me like fairy lanterns. Knowing I needed to get going, I grabbed a stalk and had a go at sketching one of the flowers. It was just…

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8 thoughts on “Learning to Draw # 2 – Fuchsias

  1. Excellent advice and an inspring post. Yes, I have lots of lovely pencils, as well as plenty of paints and paper … So no excuse except laziness. It doesn’t have to be the Mona Lisa!

    1. I admire people who can draw, for I must say, Dina, that I too am totally untalented. My husband, Peter, was for a couple of days in hospital. We are glad he was allowed back home again, but he does need a lot of medication and lots of visits to doctors. Very confusing! We are lucky here in Australia that lots of medical care is available. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your summer in England and stay safe! 🙂

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