Lockdown is a wake-up call: time to start aging positively by Rachel McAlpine

That wake-up birthday—a poem

Have you had a wake-up birthday?
Can you barely believe
you’re a certain age
and dread what lies ahead?
Is your future self a blurry screen
or a stereotyped cartoon?
Are you frozen even though you know
exactly what to do?
Do you think it’s too late or too soon?

Now’s the perfect time
to face the facts and get a grip
and get control of your precious life
not because you ought to
but because you can.
Tweak your life and make the best
of your bonus years
and here’s the bottom line:
you’re not dead!

Rachel McAlpine 2020

. . . . .

Thoughts about aging (positive and negative) flourish in lockdown

Clock says 5 to 12 beneath a lockdown cloud and a NEED cloud. is a teachable moment

Lockdown is like a wake-up birthday: time to choose your own old age

I would strongly recommend to go to this post by Rachel McAlpine. It shows that old age can be a beautiful time. How do we prepare for it? How do we live it? Rachel McAlpine has some great thought about what we can do to make good use of old age to the benefit of all society!

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