“Victorian MP urges the NSW Government to show more compassion for terminally ill at border”

Our son Martin did sent us a link to this article. So this is the border between Victoria and New South Wales, Australia. Our son lives in rural Victoria, and Peter and I live some 800 km away in the Illawarra of NSW. Peter has been diagnosed with terminally bladder cancer and a very vulnerable heart. For how long is that going to last that our retired son Martin is not allowed to visit us for just a few days? It is very frustrating that we have to wait for ‘final days’ (or the funeral) to have our son visiting again for a few days! I am close to 86 and my husband Peter is 85. Our two daughters live in NSW and both have full time jobs and work from home.

ABC Goulburn Murray / 

By Amber Jacobs

The Key points to this article are as follows:

  • Exemptions are given for people attending a funeral or if a family member is in their final days
  • No exemption is given for people who need to provide care for a terminally ill person
  • Families are calling for permission to cross the Victoria-NSW border to care for sick family members

In this article you can find several examples how this border crossing is affecting families with terminally ill people that need caring!

8 thoughts on “Diary

    1. Thanks, Lew. Well, a lot of people may be even worse off. At least all our children and grandchildren are still in jobs. This is something to be thankful for. Only Martin, the son, is already retired. And he is the least able one to be with us aging and more and more infirm great-grandparents because of this border closure!
      Luckily, where we live this Coronavirus mostly does not effect us very much. Overall we have reason to count ourselves lucky, and I mean this. Occasionally, we can still see some of our great-grandchildren. They give us so much joy! πŸ™‚

  1. That is a very harsh ruing, Uta. I hope and pray that an exemption can be made for Martin or that the restrictions might be lifted. You are lucky in a way that you still have one another, but I can imagine that this situation is worrying. A big hug to you both.

    1. The ruling is indeed a harsh ruling, but it is meant to keep us safe. So far the virus has not spread all that much in Australia, compared with most other places that is.

  2. This makes me so sad. 😦 I’m sorry this is the way things are, Uta. 😦

    I hope things work out in a way that Martin can see you all soon.

    We haven’t seen any of our kids since December 2019. (They live in other states where their careers took them.) We were supposed to have a family reunion in June and that had to be canceled because of Covid19. And the way things are going I think it will NOT be safe for them to travel to see us at all this year. 😦 If so, the holidays will be difficult. 😦

    My best ALWAYS to you and to Peter!
    You have my thoughts and love and (((HUGS)))

  3. Thank you so much, dear Carolyn. So sorry, that you cannot have a family reunion. These are tough times. Look after yourself and stay safe. Hugs from both of us, Uta and Peter πŸ™‚

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