Postcard #1

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matthew r. joseph

Dear everyone,

The world is a bit of a mess right now. It seems as if racism, misogyny, greed and religious persecution shape the global social order, unchecked by the core values that almost all of us say we believe in: freedom, love, dignity, compassion. When I reflect on the tools at my disposal—words—it is easy to become disheartened about my prospects for contributing to a solution. But I actually have more than mere words at my disposal. I am a political philosopher with an abiding interest in the well-being of my fellow humans. I view philosophy as a practical tool for approaching problems, and I think that even if my contributions are small, they can still count for something. With that in mind, I send off this first postcard with a simple message.


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3 thoughts on “Postcard #1

  1. Maybe there are still enough people left in the world who do take those core values seriously, and maybe love, compassion, dignity and respect for the freedom of all will prevail. We can hope!

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