[241] What a Year – 2020

“And as COVID has shown, if we face an emergency, we are prepared to fight for our lives; let’s fight for climate change as hard, since that will be what’s going to determine our lives from now on.”

We faced an emergency with COVID, Bu climate change is an increasing emergency. There is no doubt about it!

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It isn’t over yet, it might never be over; and when it’s over, the next challenge awaits us. The next challenge has already started however, it’s the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced, and therefore I’ll continue focussing on it: I’m talking about climate change and the energy transition of course, and other related environmental problems, which obviously haven’t stopped during COVID.

Some got worsened, such as single used plastics, take-away containers, mouth masks, and worse of all the sanitary tissues – which don’t only clog the sewage systems. Others on the other hand got a glimpse of perfection, such as the Himalaya that became visible after years having been covered in smog, and in other cities air pollution dropped to historically low levels – or at least in the history of the industrialised world.

In the meantime, California’s bush fires keep ravaging the USA, while the amazon keeps burning…

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5 thoughts on “[241] What a Year – 2020

      1. I’m so sorry to hear this, Uta. 😦
        I will keep you both in my thoughts, my heart and I am always sending love, best wishes, and (((HUGS))), too. Give Peter a gentle hug for me.

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