Neanderthals And Humans Were at War For Over 100,000 Years, Evidence Shows

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“Behaviourally, Neanderthals were astonishingly like us. They made fireburied their dead, fashioned jewellery from seashells and animal teethmade artwork and stone shrines. If Neanderthals shared so many of our creative instincts, they probably shared many of our destructive instincts, too.!

Violent lives

The Extinction Chronicles

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The Saint-Césaire Neanderthal skull suffered a blow that split the skull. (Smithsonian Institution)HUMANS


Around 600,000 years ago, humanity split in two. One group stayed in Africa, evolving into us. The other struck out overland, into Asia, then Europe, becomingHomo neanderthalensis– theNeanderthals. They weren’t our ancestors, but a sister species, evolving in parallel.

Neanderthals fascinate us because of what they tell us about ourselves – who we were, and who we might have become. It’s tempting to see them in idyllic terms, living peacefully with nature andeach other, like Adam and Eve in the Garden.

If so, maybe humanity’s ills – especially our territoriality, violence, wars – aren’t innate, but modern inventions.

Biology and palaeontology paint a darker picture. Far from peaceful, Neanderthals were likely skilled fighters and dangerous warriors, rivalled only by modern humans.

Top predators

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