Climate change is wreaking havoc on Australians’ health. What’s our plan to fix things?

By Catherine Taylor and Bridget Judd

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“Even something as simple as retrofitting homes with heat-reflective roofing and reducing concrete and paving in backyards by increasing grassed areas can reduce what he calls “heat sinks around the home” and lower air temperatures.

When it comes to fighting fires, Gissing advocates investment in technology that can lead us to “the next generation of firefighting”.

“How are we going to be fighting fires in 2040 or 2050 when the frequency of blazes is only going to increase because of climate change?” he says, pointing out that new technology which aims to rapidly detect and suppress fires could prevent catastrophic fire events in the future.

Aerial view of Melbourne from the end of the Eastern Freeway in Abbottsford
Concrete, tile and paving can increase the way heat is absorbed and raise the temperature of a city.(Supplied: Linking Melbourne Authority)

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2 thoughts on “Climate change is wreaking havoc on Australians’ health. What’s our plan to fix things?

  1. Hello, Carolyn!

    So good of you to check in. The sad news is, that Peter died last Saturday, namely on the 12/12/2020. He is to be cremated on Monday, 21st of December, which is our 64th wedding anniversary!

    On Saturday, 19th of December, we’re going to have a Funeral Service. In due time I may perhaps be able to publish a video from that Funeral Service. –

    Peter’s cancer of the bone progressed rather quickly. He received right to the end good medical care at home surrounded by loved ones.

    The 4th and 5th of December were the last days when Peter could still participate a bit in our lives and so was then enjoying a few things that he was still able to do. But then he got very much worse from day to day. For a while we thought he might still last up to Christmas. But eventually we relised he would not be able to make this.

    We are all very sad about his passing. Uta, Family and Friends 😦

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