Peter’s Funeral

12 thoughts on “Peter’s Funeral

  1. So kind of you to let us be present on this occasion, Uta. Thank you. I wish you all the strength, love and support you need now and in the future. A big hug from the other side of the world.

  2. Thank you for sharing this day with us, Uta. I can’t imagine how difficult this is for you. Your abundant courage and strength of soul will be taxed in the coming days, weeks, and months as you adjust to this new reality. I wish you all the best and know your dear family will help you immensely.

  3. I thank everyone for comforting me with your thoughts and your words. If you watch the video, you can tune in into 3 different cameras, there is camera 1, camera 2 and the slideshow!

    1. Thank you Gerard, Thank you very much. I told my family I am going to have a Catholic funeral. I did not go to church for quite a while but I am in the process of changing this. If I am lucky, I might live another four years or so and be able to do some more writing. In four years I am going to be 90 — My family tells me I can live to be 100. But I do not think so. Best wishes to you too, dear Gerard. I remember having met your daughter Natasha and two of your grandsons last year in October when Peter and I came to Helvi’s funeral. All the best to your family too, Gerard, as well as to your new love. Wishing everyone a peaceful and happy New Year! 🙂

  4. I hope that knowing you have friends around the world will be a comfort to you, Uta. It is very kind of you to share Peter’s service with us. Bless you and your family at such a difficult time.

    1. All your friendship is indeed a great comfort to me, Debra. It is good, that we were able to share the service. Sydney is now a hotspot. Therefore some people could not come to the funeral. But they could watch it on video. Also family and friends in Berlin were able to watch the video!

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