Food for Thought

“This year Ginger Gorman says her family Christmas will be a two-hour brunch after which she plans to spend the afternoon by a pool with friends.”

“Change is afoot this Christmas for Yumi Stynes’ festive family get-togethers.”

Woman relaxing in a chair at a table with a large Christmas tree in the background to depict having a less stressful Christmas.

“Take a breath, pause a moment and read our guide to having a less stress-filled Christmas.” (Pxhere: An Min)

“A few minutes planning and researching before hitting “buy” can pay dividends.”

“This year, you could make some presents yourself or give the gift of time — whether it’s helping a family friend with their garden or babysitting your friends’ kids.”

Secret Santa’s fast becoming a family tradition that saves time, money and the environment

ABC Everyday / By Grace Jennings-Edquist

A woman with red nail polish wraps up and decorates a gift. Her face is not visible.

Gift-giving should be fun. But often, it can blow the budget. (Pexels)

“Vivienne Anthon has wrapped over 60,000 gifts in her life. ABC Life caught up with Vivienne to grab her top tips for gift wrapping this Christmas.”

Read more here: Subscribe to ABC Life on YouTube ►► ABOUT ABC LIFE ABC Life helps you navigate life’s challenges and choices. Stay on top of food, wellbeing, travel, style, sex and relationships and more: How to wrap Christmas presents like a pro | ABC Life

Plastic-free Christmas gifts to feel smug about this season

By Clara Williams RoldanPosted FriFriday 21 DecDecember 2018

The art of receiving shitty presents

By Claire BrackenSunday 24 December 2017

Three Christmas hampers that include eco-friendly products and are encased in cardboard packaging rather than plastic

These Christmas hampers come without any plastic wrapping.(ABC News: Hayley Roman)

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