Christmas greetings from lockdown

” . . . the eating and drinking will be in separate rooms, as it means removing masks.”

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2020 what can I say? You have not been my most favourite year of all, that’s definitely for sure. I am so glad that we are now bounding towards the very end of the year and I am more than happy to embrace 2021 in just a few days. I’ll even give it a big fat, juicy kiss. From lockdown hard (as opposed to lockdown light – that was last month!) however, I concede, that that maybe somewhat difficult, given social distancing and all of that. I may just have to snog my husband instead. But I don’t think he’ll mind too much. I mean, I doubt it will be the worst moment he’s had this year.

But first of all there’s Christmas. We plan to eat, drink and be merry. Albeit the eating and drinking will be in separate rooms, as it means removing masks.

Christmas time…
Masks and…

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4 thoughts on “Christmas greetings from lockdown

    1. It’s great, Brett, that you noticed this post of the Sarsm’s blogger! 🙂

      I went back to read this post about Christmas 2020. This Christmas had been a turning point in my life, for just a few days before that Christmas, Peter, my husband of some 64 years, had died after having suffered from terminal cancer for quite some time. Adjusting to a life on my own after so many years of marriage has been quite a challenge for me at my very advanced age. But I am very lucky in lots of ways in that I get a lot of help whenever needed. 🙂

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