Writing About Writing


My blogger friend, Catterel, wrote to me the following:

“Writing helps sort out thoughts, ideas, feelings – and helps me stay sane and on top of things. Thank you for rebloggingui this,, dear Uta. I hope you are finding your way in this new year. Blessings.”

This I replied:

I like, what you write, dear Cat. You say, you hope for me to find my way in this New Year.

Yes, a lot of it is new for me in this New Year. Meaning, I have to sort out my feelings about a lot of things. What I wish most for myself is, not to get upset about anything. Make changes where they can be achieved, but to be happy, when the changes take time. Not being upset about it that maybe I do not have much time left, but to be happy about every day that is still given to me. And even if I can achieve only very little each day, to be content with just that little bit that I can still achieve. Even if sometimes I think I waste too much time, I want to try to be gentle with myself by telling myself that I really do each day as much as is possible for me to do.

These days I spend most hours of the day totally on my own, while a lot of the time doing the every day things that need to be done. This includes a bit of walking with my rollator, hopefully catching some sunshine and being able to enjoy beautiful fresh air! Also, while walking, becoming aware of my feelings and maybe of some distant memories. I might be feeling how important it is to be able to talk to people, yes wishing to have a conversation with someone, thinking about what I would like to talk about, or what some other person would like to talk about to me. As far as writing is concerned, this is often to me just like talking. I reckon, when you talk to somebody, you usually get some kind of response. Can I imagine some kind of response, oh yes, I can imagine a response about certain subjects that I would really like to talk about. How good writing is to somehow sort out our feelings and thinking!

2 thoughts on “Writing About Writing

  1. Yes, keeping contact with people is important and blogging is one way of doing this. I too spend most of the time on my own but recently found a good woman friend through the internet, There are days that the only contact is by text messages.
    Whatever you achieve daily is good and it doesn’t have to be a lot. A large extended family is what I miss but make up for it by my blogging friends and contact with a group of people who like talking and sipping coffee not far from here.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks for commenting, Gerard. I rely on email or WordPress comments for I don’t do text messages. Recently I did do quite a bit of gardening, well, what is a lot for me, but I did a bit on most days. So I feel I acomplished something. Today I sorted out some books. This took quite a while, but I had several breaks. There are many, many books of Peter’s that trigger so many memories!
      There are about 100 books I would really like to read. Maybe a couple of hours of reading is getting me there. And who knows, once I start reading, I might often be tempted to read for more than a couple of hours. I read ‘Holy Smoke’ recently, and it took me only a couple of days. https://www.publishersweekly.com/978-0-7868-6349-5
      Cheers, Uta 🙂

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