Changing Glasses around according to Need!

And how to handle a Mobile:

Not so long ago I was given a second hand mobile phone. Peter and my children wanted me to have this so I could be contacted any time. Password? Can’t remember.
Smartphone? I did not want one. Peter knew how to handle a smartphone. His smartphone lies now unused hidden away somewhere. I would not know how to use it! Even with my simple mobile phone I have sometimes trouble when I accidentally touch a wrong button. How should I know what all these buttons are for! The phone is for me just a commodity to receive important phone calls and maybe use for making an important phone call to a close family member.
I cannot walk around with glasses. They make me feel dizzy!
When I want to read or write something, or look at numbers, I need to wear my very strong glasses. At the computer I have different glasses that are not quite so strong. For watching TV I have even less strong glasses that are also sufficient for doing the dishes. And then for outside I have sunglasses that are made so I can look well into the distance. All four glasses have different coloured frames and cases to keep them in, and this helps me to distinguish them. 🙂

Bythe way since the year 2000 I am totally blind in my left eye because of enlarged macular hole!

I wrote this on the First Wednesday of the Month of June 2018:

Hurrah! My new glasses are here!


This is printed on one of the cleaning cloths.

The green rimmed glasses are for using at the computer, the red rimmed ones are for watching TV, and the dark glasses are anti glare sun glasses and good for wearing in the car. I also have some very strong black framed glasses for reading and writing and looking at pricetags in the shops.

Here is what you can find in Google about The Fred Hollows Foundation:

6 thoughts on “Changing Glasses around according to Need!

  1. Colour coding is so simple and so effective. Hurrah for your new specs, Uta! And something else we have in common – a left eye that is mainly there for decoration due to a macular hole. Mine occurred in 2003. Well, we learn to live with our disabilities and manage !

      1. I think if you haven’t experienced the evolution of a technology, as it gradually gets more and more sophisticated, it must be quite difficult to get used to it. I’m lucky – have been using a computer for 40 years, and mobile phone/smart phone for about 25 years, so it’s been gradual. There are still lots of things I don’t/can’t do with them, though!! So many new apps coming out all the time.

    1. YAY, Carolyn, I still love all my glasses, think of it, they were new more than two 1/2 years ago. But they’re still good! I hope they’re going to last me a bit longer. 🙂

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