FOOD FRAUD: How the American Diet Turbocharges COVID-19

Good article. I agree with everything in it. I hope that in future more and more people are going to adopt healthier lifestyles! I mean, it is well known what makes a healthy lifestyle. People need lots of encouragement and motivation to live up to it. To reach this motivation may be rather difficult for some people. Still, you can only try your best to change things. We do need farmers, but we also need doctors to promote healthier lifestyles and who can help us, when we get sick. After all, even with a healthy lifestyle one might get sick or injured sometimes and end up needing the care of the medical profession!


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How the American Diet Turbocharges COVID-19

The pandemic’s toll is further proof that we’re eating ourselves sick.

Before the coronavirus hit in early 2020, a quieter epidemic was already taking its toll across the United States: the near-universal prevalence of diet-­related maladies. More than half of the calories Americans consume come from “ultraprocessed” foods that are shot through with added sugars and fats and are associated with weight gain. Pile those on top of our sedentary lifestyle, and the result is that almost 90 percent of adults have a sign of metabolic dysfunction—including high blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar—and more than 40 percent are obese. In the pandemic’s first five months, the US had a 39 percent higher mortality rate than Europe, where the obesity rate is half ours.

This mess made us vulnerable to the worst aspects of the coronavirus: In the first…

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7 thoughts on “FOOD FRAUD: How the American Diet Turbocharges COVID-19

  1. Uta thank you for this interesting read. With long ongoing Virus we should all take heed, and change our lifestyles. I hope all is well with you, take care Auntyuta.

    1. Yes, Sheila, it is good to remind ourselves, how it is possible to adopt healthier lifestyles. I am a widow now. It is not so easy after 64 years to be single again. With a bit of help from my family, I try to live on my own now. Big change! But considering my age, I am still fairly well. I hope you are well too and coping alright with your winter and not getting in contact with the virus. You take care too, Sheila. HUGS and LOVE from AUSTRALIA, UTA 🙂

  2. Yes, change our eating habits and for that to happen we need to limit the number of KFC, McDonalds and other fast food outlets. Australia has the highest density per capita of those franchises. Where is the Government leading in this. Where are the TV programs warning us against those fast food outlets?
    The same with sugar; where is the sugar tax that have been adopted in other countries?

    1. We hear all the time, Gerard, that our government is listening to experts and accordingly they introduce safety measures for prodecting us from the Coronavirus. Why don’t they try to protect the population from disastrous eating habits? Is it because of free choice? With the Coronavirus they don’t give us free choice, do they?
      You are right, the government should at least try leading us in making better choices. Are they going to warn us against certain food outlets? I can’t see this happening. Our capitalist system won’t allow this.
      Come to think of it, when it comes to food, they won’t force us to follow the advice of the experts. but when it comes to the virus, we are supposed to follow the advice of the experts for the good of the community. It is rather strange, No wonder, people get confused. Maybe one should always think more of the community. But then we end up having no free choice anymore. What do you think, is it right to always have a free choice? I mean, if people choose to take certain risks in sport and so on, they may shorten their lives too. Or just driving a car is risky, isn’t it? So, when is it right to have a free choice, and when can you not have a free choice?

      1. We are subject to law. To pass a law raising sugar tax is the same as paying tax on cigarettes, alcohol and everything else. Certain foods that are bad could easily be taxed very high which then becomes a disincentive to buy. I don’t think this is a matter of free choice. It is a matter of good governing that saves lives.

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