I had a wonderful busy and quite exhausting weekend. But maybe I overdid it a little bit, because yesterday, on Monday, I felt pretty crook and even vomited a bit. I slept most of the day, woke up only here and there to have something to eat. I slept right through the night, had a shower and feel very okay this morning. I’ll have some nice porridge soon. Then I’ll finish my laundry, and after that I’ll go for a walk. I am really looking forward to do some walking again!

8 thoughts on “Diary

  1. Yes, thanks Carolyn. After one day of rest I felt very well. It rained a little bit yesterday throughout the day. But I still went for my walk! You’re right, walking is good for us. I hope I can build up my strength a bit more so that I do not get exhausted as much. But still, I am very happy that I can walk with my rollator. 🙂
    I started blogging in July 2011. My goodness, ten years are coming up! 🙂
    I read that you’re with it for nine years now: So, sending you
    Congratulations on your Anniversary, Carolyn! 🙂
    And a big HUG from me, Uta 🙂

    1. Oh yes, Debra, I am totally alright now. One day of rest makes all the difference. When I do a bit too much gardening in one day, I have to rest the following day too. Unfortunatlely I have to try and limit my activities all the time. There’s only so much that I can do. Osteoarthritis seems to do this to me. With a few tablets I can usually manage for a while. 🙂
      This is one of the many articles I can find on the internet about osteoarthritis:

  2. Glad to read that you have recovered, Uta. You inspire me to try to get out and walk a bit, too – our snow has disappeared for the moment, and the sun is shining, so I have no excuse to stay in. And anyway I need some groceries … Hugs xx

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