Thursday, early Morning

This is what I wrote on the 23rd of February: “Today is Wednesday. At John’s place, Nr. 5, there is a Strata meeting this afternoon. Tomorrow, Thursday, I am going to have two hours of Hammond Care again.”

But the 23rd was actuallly Tuesday, not Wednesday. So, I did go to the Strata meeting on the 23rd, thinking that it was Wednesday already! How very stupid of me!

The following morning I waited and waited for my home help in vain. I rang Hammond care. The kind man, who answered the phone, quickly established that my home help was only due on Thursday, and so he pointed out to me very politely in a very calm, friendly voice, that it wasn’t Thursday yet!! Gee, I was so embarrassed! But it reassured me, that I was spoken to in such a friendly manner.

So, yesterday was Wednesday! I had the whole day totally to myself, which was good, I did not even go for a walk, since it was rainy all day. I just felt like staying at home for the day. But I had my meals outside under an awning protected from the rain. I did not see any neighbours around. However, in the distance I could hear a tractor, that was probably mowing the soccer fields in the light rain.

After I found out yesterday that it wasn’t Thursday yet, I took a long shower, washed my hair, and then thouroughly cleaned the grout between the tiles in the shower, which took ages . . . . I did not mind, that it took so long, for I knew I had time. I could spend the day any way I wanted . . . . !  🙂

7 thoughts on “Thursday, early Morning

  1. Being retired has its ups and downs – it’s very easy to muddle the days, and if my phone didn^t display the date and time, I wouldn’t have a clue either! On the other hand, if you want to spend an hour in the bath tub or cleaning the grouting, you can – no pressure! Enjoy the day, live in the present.

  2. Your attitude and outlook is perfect, Uta! Take each day as it comes, and spend it as you choose!

    I keep a calendar in our home office and in the kitchen or I would get my appointments, occasions to acknowledge, etc., jumbled up. 🙂 Plus every place/business here, especially medical stuff, is VERY good about sending me texts on my phone to remind me of upcoming appointments. 🙂 I like that!!! 🙂

    Enjoy each day! Celebrate the blessings each day! Find things to laugh and smile about! Say thanks for the blessings! Treat yourself kindly and with patience! Always have time for rest, outdoors, quiet activities.
    I think all of this, and everything else that is good, is what Peter would want for you. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) and ❤
    PS…I even laugh at myself…might as well laugh at the blunders and bloopers of my life. 😉

    1. You know, Carolyn, this friendly man on the phone, sounded very human, and he had such a pleasant voice! When I found out that I had the wrong date, I could not help myself, I had to laugh about it. This is true, I very much laughed about my blunder!
      After this refreshing phone conversation I had yesterday a very rainy but extremely enjoyable day all by myself!

      So, then today was Thursday and Olivia came right on time. She rang Hammond Care and asked for permission to take me to the Dapo Shopping Centre, where I had no problem paying my bill at the Post Office.

      Then Olivia and I had a very good coffee sitting down at the Shed cafe. I was in a talkative mood and told Olivia a lot about how my life is going now. And she was a good listener!

      Then she helped me to do a bit of shopping. Before the two designated hours were up, Olivia took me back home and had still some time to do a bit of vaccuming. Since it had started to rain again, I was glad, that this week no washing had to be done, and that Olivia had been able to take me to the Shopping Centre instead.

      Today, a bit after 1 pm, daughter Monika picked me up. She had the two little ones in the car. We were on the way to lunch at a Chinese restaurant, where Natasha was waiting for us. After lunch Natasha had to go to work, but Monika and the kids came then to my place for a little while. All in all, a very wet but very enjoyable day with good food in good company.

  3. I have been urged to keep a diary to keep track of future events and also to look back on past events. I bought a diary but seem to forget using it.
    It is no big deal forgetting a date or task.
    Yes, dear Uta. We have to be kind to ourselves and not worry too much anymore. I had an issue with Telstra whereby I signed a two year contract that would include unlimited phone calls and the cost of a new Apple iPhone. The two years finished two months ago but I was still charged the same. I thought that since the iPhone had now been paid fully, my cost would go down.
    The system doesn’t work like that. I changed over to a different service provider. I hope for the best.
    As for the diary, Annette fills it in for me when she is here. I love her for doing that. She cares.

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